I was born and raised in Sicily, in Catania.
At the age of 19 I decided to move to Milan to study advertising communication and art direction at the IED.

I stayed in Milan for 3 and a half years, the time to work in every restaurant and bar in the city and two agencies, which were my first work experiences in the field of advertising.

Not satisfied with the future prospects that Milan had to offer, I totally changed course and moved to Barcelona. Despite the international and stimulating environment, over time I realised that the job opportunities I was really looking for were in the capital, so after 2 and a half years I moved to Madrid, where I stayed until the end of the first lockdown (June 2020).

9 years later I returned to Sicily, taking advantage of smart-working, working remotely as a freelancer, looking for my next challenge.

My work is strongly influenced by my passion for photography and video, in fact, often my freelance works are totally made by me, from the research of a concept to the final execution.

I have ATL and BTL experience, have worked in the production of events and entertainment formats for the web as well as experience as an art director where I focused on creating social strategies and 360° campaigns.