“Nuii, Your Next Adventure” is a branded content campaign I designed for the launch of Nestlé’s new Nuii ice creams in Spain in 2019. The format, presented by Uri Sabat and Jesús Calleja, is composed of 3 episodes where3 reportage photographers have the task of going in search of the raw materials with which the ice creams are made (almonds, blueberries and vanilla) in their respective countries of origin, without being able to use GPS but only by asking the locals for information.

episode 1

Each of them headed for one of the destinations: Scandinavia, Indonesia and California.

episode 2

The format is a real travel experience to discover flavours and cultures.

episode 3

Agency: Popcont e The influencer, Madrid

Creative Director: Oreste Monaco

Video Maker: Alvaro Wasabi

Client: Nestlé