Rebranding Campaign Proposal

For its Rebranding in 2021, Cheerz asked the Latte Creative agency team to present it with a proposal for an integrated campaign that would cover the whole year. On this occasion I worked with them as I was in charge of the art direction part of the proposal. 
Here are some examples of the activations we proposed.



Cheerz from the Past is our first proposal for the rebranding campaign: an opportunity to look back, smile about the past and be proud of where we’ve come.

Sample Script

The video begins with a wide shot of an empty square.

We hear footsteps. From the right of the frame appears a girl (Carlotta, 16 years old) with a walkman in her hand and headphones in her ears.
She is dressed in a peculiar way: black clothes, colored hair, studs.
A song suggests early 2000s tones. The music stops abruptly.

The old Cheerz logo falls from above. The girl is surrounded by an animated photographic frame.

In a few seconds, we see both the logo and the girl completely transformed. Even the writing on the frame changes: we now read “Carlotta, 2021” and the girl holds a print of herself in her hands at age 16.

Voice over: Everyone evolves. Cheerz too. The girl leaves the frame, the new logo regains the center. 

Refreshing Memories

Stream Social

Sometimes all it takes is a word, a song, even just a smell, and a precise memory resurfaces in the mind. We dig into the baggage of common memories by drawing on that wealth of images that belong to the memory of Generation Y.

Cheerz presents itself as a true member of Generation Y through a multi-subject column with iconic photos pertaining to that universe of characters that Millennials are fond of.

Pride Month

We propose to launch a press campaign for Pride 2021 in partnership with Netflix. We imagine joyful photos filling Milan and Madrid. The most famous LGBT+ characters of current TV series become icons of a free, fearless love. A love that deserves to be immortalized in a photo to keep forever, but most of all an invitation to make our existence visible, to demonstrate for civil rights and to be proud of ourselves.

Pride Month 
(social media)

To spread the campaign also on social networks, we propose to structure a stream dedicated to LGBT+ love during the entire Pride Month. The protagonists of the posts will still be the LGBT+ characters from Netflix TV series, but in each photo one of the members of the beloved couple will be absent.

It's Christmas, say Cheerz

We create a layout powered by Cheerz to create some fantastic personalised Christmas Cards. To get them, all people need to do is to access a landing page, insert their family photo into a pre-set frame and write their name and dedication. In order to lead contacts, we ask to enter an email address to receive the card. A discount code will then be automatically generated. 

To promote the initiative on social networks, 
we plan a mini-editorial plan.

In line with the proposed new brand identity, we create 4 posts – one per week – with 4 iconic pairs inserted within the layout created by Cheerz, inviting users to follow the example of their favourites and go to the Cheerz website to personalise their Christmas card.