Lego Video Campaign to announce the production of bricks made from recycled plastic.

Caption: “We’re excited to announce that we’re using plastic bottles to develop prototype LEGO bricks! 👀 Good news for the planet, good news for bottles.”

Lego speaks directly to the plastic bottles, inviting them to dream and become something new, something that lasts, generations, something creative. Because everyone should be able to make their dreams come true.

In this project I had the role of graphic assistant, working within a large team supervised by Federica Intelisano where each person had a specific role that allowed the success of such a spectacular video.

Client LEGO
Prod Com Highly Unlikely @highlyunlikelyuk
dir 👾
Ex Prod Alexander Davis @thatproduceralex
Comp 1 unit Reymario Cabildo @reycabe + 👾
Comp 2 unit Edoardo Zullo @zulloedo
1AD Daniele Paloni @dani_blue92
Animator & Illustrator: Jason Kerley @jasonkerley
3D Animation Ubik @ubikpics
Graphic Asst Oreste Monaco @ohrescjo
Project Asst Emiliano Luna Martinez @viceluna
Bottles Pic Emiliano Pereda @axo_lotto
Music & Sound Design Box Of Toys Audio @bxftys